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Monday, June 13, 2011

Her Last Kiss in Book Cover Contest!

Hey there!

If you want to see some great cover art...head over to Alternative-Read and take a look at their June Book Cover  Contest. My first published book, Her Last Kiss is #8. Suzannah Safi did a fantastic job.

Here's a link to their site where you can look at entries and then vote.


Check out the video of the June book covers in Alternative-Read's contest.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

Great book! I never read this author and I'm not disappointed. Her book had conflict, sexual tension, great plot development and character depth. I'm not a fan of series' with the same hero and heroine as the main characters. I usually read series books but each story is stand alone. As I said before I was not disappointed with this book including the ending and my curiosity is just as peaked for the next story. I just bought the next book in the series, Archangel's Kiss and I can't wait to read it. 

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1)

Friday, June 3, 2011

I found a new author...

In my last post I wrote about Jennifer Lyon's book Soul Magic. Well, I've finished the book and the second one in the series and I'm happy to say I have found another series to follow! I'm doing a happy dance right now. I always get excited when I find a new series to read. It's like eating a slice of decadent chocolate cake (three-layer not single) and knowing you won't have to stop there because an entire cake is waiting for you.

Okay, now I'm hungry for cake and to get back to reading!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Currently reading Blood Magic

Has anyone read Jennifer Lyon yet? I just started the book yesterday and I'm already impressed with the way she conveys the characters emotions, feelings and tension. I can't wait to keep reading!

Blood Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, #1)Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Here is a small excerpt from my paranormal romance (with plenty of suspense-I hope) to be released in March 2012 from Muse It Up Publishing.

Let me give you a little background for this excerpt: Danni's psychic abilities have engaged and she is now witnessing the murder of a young woman through her mind's eye while her physical presence remains at her home.

(unedited excerpt)

His rage escalated, the evil energy swelled inside the tiny room. Danni imagined the knife raising. At that moment, it didn’t matter if her body was elsewhere. She still felt the abuse. Frantic, she tried to let go of the woman’s hands, but pain and terror were sturdy threads that bound them together. She feared she’d die when the woman did.

The Burning Seal

Detective Danni Keegan is plunged into a dark, demonic world where survival depends on deciphering the connection between ritual killings, and a demon terrorizing her for a `gift' she wasn't even aware she possessed.

She must unravel her dreams of another woman who lived during ancient times and battled a bloodthirsty demon. The same demon who now hunts Danni.

The loss of Danni's body and soul looms imminent as her only chance to destroy the demon depends on changing her new partner's convictions. A sinfully sexy man, who exudes power and self-assurance with the ease of breathing and has an iron willed determination not to believe in the paranormal.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


The staff and authors from MuseItUp Publishing are chatting today on BOTH loops! Come on by and have fun (and tell a friend or twenty). It's going to be a blast, guaranteed. :-)


The TakingThe Taking by Dean Koontz

So far, I'm enjoying this Koontz book. He has wonderful word choice that evokes exciting imagery. It's inspiring to read a great author. I don't find it discouraging at all instead it fills me with the desire to do better and create beautiful imagery for my readers.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jenna Storm Paranormal Romance Author: Six Sentence Sunday

Jenna Storm Paranormal Romance Author: Six Sentence Sunday: "HAPPY SUNDAY! I'm happy to share another (unedited) excerpt from my March 2012 release, The Burning Seal, to be published by Muse It Up P..."

Six Sentence Sunday


I'm happy to share another (unedited) excerpt from my March 2012 release, The Burning Seal, to be published by Muse It Up Publishing. A paranormal romance that blends demons, reincarnation, psychic abilities and magic. Whew! I truly enjoyed writing this book and creating my hero and heroine, two homicide detectives who are fated to engage in a terrifying battle with a demonic force.       

 Thrum. Thrum. 
Her ears must have plugged because now she heard the blood racing through terrified veins to fuel an equally petrified heart. She squeezed the bottle, the high-pitched noise of the plastic shattered the car’s quiet. During the car ride, Chase’s sarcasm kept her from dwelling on her nervousness. Now, her skin stretched taut as if an invisible force pulled it across her bones. Swallowing became an impossible feat as she was sure her throat wasn’t working any longer. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The six sentences I chose are from my March 2012 release with Muse It Up Publishing. The Burning Seal is the first book in a paranormal series that has a psychic, demon, witch and elements of reincarnation. Let me provide you with a little background for the sentences below. A masked man has broken into Detective Danni Keegan's home and with his invasion he has unlocked her psychic abilities and spurred her to take her place in a battle she never imagined... 


An eerie silence pervaded her house. Even the walls breathed a warning. The concerned operator continued to ask questions while a second round of adrenaline coursed through her and sent her body on a roller coaster ride. The room shrunk as her vision narrowed and the only noise she heard now was the blood careening through her body. Her already tense muscles ached as they pulled even tighter.
He's coming back.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are you a plotter or a panster? Do you plot your stories ahead of writing? Or do you write and see what happens? (Writing “by the seat of your pants”.) Why do you work that way? What are the benefits ...and drawbacks?

That's an easy question...I'm a plotter! I love creating character worksheets and detailed outlines with notes on the expected character moods and conflict in a scene. This level of detail is an anomaly in my very unorganized life. I think because I am distracted so easily and flit around like a butterfly from subject to subject (yes, I realize I'm describing an attention deficit issue!) that I need this organization to keep the story moving and assure an ending.

After I've created my outline I continue to work through the sequence of events to be sure my timeline makes sense and that I haven't left holes in the plot. Of course, all that plotting doesn't mean I won't have those issues but it does help me to minimize them.

With that said...I also allow my muse her freedom. I don't use whips and chains on myself (ouch!) to ensure I stick to the outline. If I have a new idea midway through the story (and it's a good one) I work it into the story and make the needed changes in the outline.

The idea of not working off an outline terrifies me! I look at a panster with envy and think how wonderful it would be to just let the story weave its own intricate web. If I did that...well, I can already see the mess I would create...victims screaming from the pages for justice, lead characters walking around blank pages wondering what happened to their character arc and why can't they find their true love or heal past hurts and finally, those secondary characters left floating in limbo. <writer screams loudly and runs from the computer>

Yes. I am a plotter. And I think that's what I'll stick with.

Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Her Last Kiss cyber party!

Hi there!

Her Last Kiss launched into cyberspace with a--you guessed it--a CyberLaunch Party on Feb 5th! It was very exciting to answer potential readers questions and explain the book a little more. I am posting a new excerpt of the story that I hope you enjoy.

I also have a website now. 

Please stop by and leave a comment or just visit. I plan to add fun and interesting bits of information to "Jenna's Diary" that will center on the paranormal world.

Her Last Kiss (excerpt)

“You’re telling me there are daemons, vampires, and mythical beings?”
“It’s a complex world, Geneva.”  
Not complex. Terrifying. She curled into a tight ball on the recliner. Sleep was out of the question. 
“I could die up here, my body fed on by Sarko. Dammit, Alek, vampires and daemons are supposed to be a myth. Feeding on someone’s body and stealing their soul belongs in a horror movie.” She was angry with Alek for bringing this terror to her door. She rubbed her neck imagining the feel of Sarko’s teeth tearing into her skin, draining her blood. Any minute she expected him to burst through the door, a leering grin on his pasty face. 
“Lay with me,” Alek offered. He turned onto his side, and shifted, so there were a few empty inches of cushion. 
She started to move and then stopped. “I’m not having sex with you.”
He held up the blanket inviting her into the small space. “No conditions.”
She jumped off the recliner and hurried to the sofa. There was no doubt she felt attracted to Alek, but there was more to it. A bond born from the fact he was her only protection against Sarko. She lay down and rested her head on his bicep. He draped his free arm over her waist. She welcomed the pressure. It made her feel safe.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Out of Hibernation

Finally, I'm out of hibernation and in the real world again! I've neglected posting as I've been working on editing and promoting my new ebook. And frankly, I've been slammed by the ups and downs of life.

I'm throwing a Cyberlaunch party today. What fun! I'm having a party and I didn't even need to clean...can't beat that. If you'd like to stop by it will be at:

I'm working on editing a paranormal suspense for another series and I have the rough draft of the second book in the Brethren series percolating in my documents folder. I'm starting to feel the thrill again with that manuscript. It takes place in Alaska. Brrrr! That story also introduces the Auras, another empowered species. The hero in this manuscript is a daemon from the Brethren mentioned in Her Last Kiss. 

Well...time to get back to work and then go home and take my girls out for the day!

Have a great weekend!