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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday


I'm happy to share another (unedited) excerpt from my March 2012 release, The Burning Seal, to be published by Muse It Up Publishing. A paranormal romance that blends demons, reincarnation, psychic abilities and magic. Whew! I truly enjoyed writing this book and creating my hero and heroine, two homicide detectives who are fated to engage in a terrifying battle with a demonic force.       

 Thrum. Thrum. 
Her ears must have plugged because now she heard the blood racing through terrified veins to fuel an equally petrified heart. She squeezed the bottle, the high-pitched noise of the plastic shattered the car’s quiet. During the car ride, Chase’s sarcasm kept her from dwelling on her nervousness. Now, her skin stretched taut as if an invisible force pulled it across her bones. Swallowing became an impossible feat as she was sure her throat wasn’t working any longer. 

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