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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's new?

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to get everything organized for the release of Her Last Kiss and believe me it's not easy! I've spent the last week designing and setting up my blog, creating a group and a page on Facebook, joined AuthorsIsland and GoodReads. Phew! I've learned so much and I'm sure there will be a blog coming out regarding a new authors perilous journey through tech world.

Take a peek at the GoodReads shelves I've added to my blog. Books I've read and I would recommend. I promise I've read more than two books LOL. I will add some more titles soon.

My next set of edits just arrived via email.

Deep breath.
Not enough. Take one more.
There we go. I'm okay now. Actually, the edits aren't bad and I can't wait to dig into them. The sooner I get finished the sooner my ebook arrives on the cybershelf.

Happy Reading!

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