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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My September Interview on Keith Publications

Is this your first book? 
Her Last Kiss is my first published book and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share it with readers.
I have other manuscripts that are in the submission process. So far, my heroes tend to be strong, passionate alpha males who meet their match with strong willed heroines. My heroine may start out a wreck in the beginning of the story, perhaps some tragedy or past relationship shakes her to the core and she struggles to rebuild her confidence while battling obstacles, including the intense alpha-hero. By the end of my story the heroine is more than ready to handle her assured, virile man who turns out of course, to be putty in her hand. 
My intent when crafting a story is to create a tale that evokes a moody feel using a setting ripe with mystery or volatile weather, a romance with plenty of conflict, external danger and, of course, the paranormal. Vampires, daemons and witches are my favorite but there’s no telling what future mystical being will hijack my imagination.
Are you working on the 2nd book of the series?
I sure am. The next Stone Dagger installment focuses on another of the Brethren enforcers and introduces another mythical species (the Auras) as the heroine. The Auras muted golden essence is compelling, draws attention and is a symbol of their goodness. Unfortunately, it also makes them an easy target for the daemon factions who want their, oh so tasty, blood. Why feast on fast food when you can have gourmet? 
This tale (not yet named) will take place in Alaska with the heroine desperate to protect the Kassi, a gilded box that contains the Auras resurrection (Upprisa) ability. With the loss of Upprisa every living being the Auras touch will die while the daemons will have the ability to resurrect. The Brethren must not let this happen. It’s the hero’s duty to obtain control of the Kassi and the woman who possesses it. Lots of obstacles, secrets, fiery passion and tender moments between these two characters. 
Tell us about Her Last Kiss.
I wanted to create a story that took place in the Arizona White Mountains where I could use stormy, volatile weather to set a dark mood and create another obstacle for the characters. The heavy storms and remote location seclude the characters and keep them in the center of danger where they must rely on one another to survive. The seclusion enflames Alek’s passion for the intoxicating Geneva and resisting one another’s allure proves impossible. Toss in an antagonist who is on the brink of insanity and uncontrollable feasting and you have Her Last Kiss… 
Geneva Phillips life changes forever when she embarks on a weekend in the Arizona White Mountains to soothe her broken heart. Geneva never realized offering an injured man refuge from a raging storm would plunge her into a dangerous and sensual world. When a bloodthirsty daemon targets Geneva as his next kill, she must rely on the mysterious stranger to keep her alive. Alek Savakis is an Enforcer for the Brethren of Stone Daggers. His mission is to destroy a rabid daemon loose in the area. His one intent is to kill the daemon and move on, the last thing he needs, or wants, is to find himself stranded with a woman who drives him mad with the need to possess her. As their dark enemy continues to feed on the innocent ones Geneva fears Alek will go to any length to protect mortals even if it means sacrificing her to the daemon. 
I enjoyed creating the heroine Geneva. She has a sense of humor even as she discovers the world is full of dangerous creatures that would like nothing more than to drink her empty. Alek is strong, virile, and risks his life to protect an ‘innocent’ he just met.
What made you think to have this as a series?
While I wrote Her Last Kiss, ideas for more stories featuring other Brethren popped into my head. I made the daemon world more diverse with different types of daemons who have different powers depending upon their ancestry. I also added another species, the Auras who I introduce in the second book of the series. 
How did you go about writing Her Last Kiss? 
Her Last Kiss was intended as a shorter story but when I started writing Geneva and Alek’s conflicts and the interaction between them the story grew into the length it is now. I enjoyed my characters too much to end their story. I found Geneva a fun personality, a little quirky while Alek, my tough Enforcer showed a gentle, patient layer existed under his forceful exterior.  
What will be the thread that ties the books together?
The Brethren are a group of daemons who want to protect mortals, the innocent ones, as they’re called throughout the books. The Brethren will always be fighting the faction of daemon who seeks more power and has a disregard for life. When I created the backstory for the daemons I had them banished to caves and encased in crystal. For the Brethren series, I created a special weapon, a stone dagger, needed to destroy the daemons. 
The series will depict the good and evil within the daemon world. The daemon who kills wantonly and the daemon who takes just enough blood to survive and resists his/her base desire which is to drink their prey to the point of death. 
How many books do you see in this series?
I have so many ideas for this series running through my head I can hardly get one jotted down before another takes its place. I would love to write about the Brethren for as long as readers enjoy it! 
Are you a plotter or a panster?
I always start my writing with character worksheets and then move onto an outline. As my characters develop in my mind and their character arc evolves I come up with more scenes for my outline. However, my outline is not something I have to follow. Some of the best twists in my stories come after I’ve already started writing and I’m revisiting the outline for the second or third time. 
What else are you working on? 
I have another paranormal series I’m getting ready to submit. This one has a psychic, witch and daemon with vampire tendencies. 
Where can people find you on the web? 
I am working on my different social networks, but soon you can visit me on these pages.
Jenna Storm Facebook page. 
Author’s Island and GoodReads Author page.


  1. Great interview with Keith Publications! Congratulations on your e-book, I'm intrigued by the paranormal world you've created and can't wait to read about how Geneva handles her encounter with this "new" world. Do you always work from a synopsis? I find them a real monster to write but having an outline definetly makes writing the book easier...although the characters tned to lead the way. Do you find that too?
    MJ LaBeff

  2. Thank you MJ! I always work from an outline and character sheets of some type. Right now, I'm using Karen Wiesner's worksheets and they are helping me flesh out my characters and plot. The more I use the worksheets the more my characters have a voice in my head. HA HA. Like I need more voices in my head.

    After my worksheets I move into outline mode. A capsule of each scene is created and then when it's time to write I have an idea of the way a scene will play out.

    Thanks again for posting. Talk to you soon.