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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Her Last Kiss, Stone Daggers Series

I wanted to create a story that took place in the Arizona White Mountains where I could use stormy, volatile weather to set a dark mood and create another obstacle for the characters. The heavy storms and remote location seclude the characters and keep them in the center of danger where they must rely on one another to survive. The seclusion enflames Alek's passion for the intoxicating Geneva and resisting one another's allure proves impossible. Toss in an antagonist who is on the brink of insanity and uncontrollable feasting and you have Her Last Kiss... 

Geneva Phillips life changes forever when she embarks on a weekend in the Arizona White Mountains to soothe her broken heart. Geneva never realized offering an injured man refuge from a raging storm would plunge her into a dangerous and sensual world. When a bloodthirsty daemon targets Geneva as his next kill, she must rely on the mysterious stranger to keep her alive. Alek Savakis is an Enforcer for the Brethren of Stone Daggers. His mission is to destroy a rabid daemon loose in the area. His one intent is to kill the daemon and move on, the last thing he needs, or wants, is to find himself stranded with a woman who drives him mad with the need to possess her. As their dark enemy continues to feed on the innocent ones Geneva fears Alek will go to any length to protect mortals even if it means sacrificing her to the daemon. 

I enjoyed creating the heroine Geneva. She has a sense of humor even as she discovers the world is full of dangerous creatures that would like nothing more than to drink her empty. Alek is strong, virile, and risks his life to protect an 'innocent' he just met. 

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