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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...a shattered world.

Hi to all SSS readers and authors! Thanks for stopping by. In this excerpt my lead character just suffered an experience that changes her world and her future...

She didn’t believe in the paranormal. 
Until tonight. 
She was a left-brain thinker. She worked off evidence. 
He had red eyes, a touch that burned and superhuman    
strength. He took her back in time to another battle, and a 
woman named Sara. 

Thanks for stopping by! There are some wonderful excerpts from participating Six Sentence Sunday authors just follow the link and enjoy! Six Sentence Sunday


  1. Awesome cover! This looks quite mind altering.
    Suzanne de Montigny

  2. Even before reading the six, I was intrigued. I love your book cover!

    I love the line: "She was a left-brain thinker." Definitely says it all. Her head has to be swimming as she tries to make sense of what's happening.

  3. The book cover rocks! And such an intriguing six. I especially love the last line. Shiver inspiring!

  4. Seems like she about to start believing in the paranormal. Great six!

  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the comments!

  6. This is a great pitch! I love paranormal romance!