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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Musings...the joy of writing a series

It's a lazy Sunday and I'm at Starbucks where I always do my writing and thinking how happy I am that my current work in progress is part of a series. Maybe it's because I'm a creature of habit and once I've found my groove I do my best to stay in it. I consider myself lucky to be able to carry on with the characters introduced in The Burning Seal, Book One of The Elements series.

I'm able to revisit my main characters and even though they are now sliding back to the role of secondary I still enjoy interacting with their personalities. At the same time the secondary characters I provided glimpses of in book one are now getting their chance to shine--at least that's my goal--as I develop their personalities, motivation and of course, conflict.  

For me creating a series gives me the chance to build my characters, deepen their relationships, add layers and twists to the plot and watch the story spread in new mind conjures the image of gnarled tree roots flexing and groping the ground as they spread. I'm sure the vision comes from my attraction to dark stormy days, the paranormal and anything that's eerie and suspenseful.

Well, that's enough musing for one day. Now I want to go home, open my Kindle and read something with vampires, demons and a happily-ever-after.


  1. I'm writing a series as well and love seeing it develop. Not into writing mode today. Maybe tonight. Mine is about vampires, witches, and demons.

  2. How funny my series also has the same just add in a psychic! I'll have to check it out.