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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS by John B. Rosenman--Guest Author at Jenna Storm's blog

I'm pleased to welcome author John B. Rosenman to my blog where he is giving readers the chance to meet Turtan, an Inspector of the Cross and main character in his SF Action-Adventure Romance, Inspector of the Cross

Thank you John for stopping by and sharing an excerpt of your novel. 

Readers, John and I would be happy to read your comments!

Coming Soon to a Star System Near You!

Inspector of the Cross (the first in a SF Action-Adventure Romance series)  

My name is Turtan, and I am an Inspector of the Cross.

I may be nearly four thousand years old, but I’m the only chance humanity has to survive.  For all that time and longer, the human empire (the Cross) has done battle against their seemingly invincible alien enemy, the heartless Cen, who have crushed us in battle after battle.  My job, as an Inspector, is to travel on freeze ships in suspended animation to distant parts of the galaxy to investigate reports of weapons that might turn the tide against our remorseless foe, who have brought us to the brink of ruin.

And now, at long, long last, I have finally found a device that can span the stars and defeat them!  Save us! 

There’s only one problem.  A beautiful, dangerous woman has betrayed me.

Ah, women.  Over the centuries, no, over the millennia, I have loved many of them and fathered many children.  Usually I have left them, but this one has left me and taken what I have discovered and given it to the enemy.  

Let me be clear: I am the best of the best, and I will do anything to save humanity.

But this time I have made a tragic mistake, and it appears I am too late.

“Here.”  Yori placed a glass of rare Zontenian wine in his hand.  “Drink this and maybe you can get some rest.  So tomorrow…”
“So tomorrow I’ll be in shape to resume my Flying Dutchman chase amid the stars?” he finished.  “You think getting drunk is what I need?”
“What do you need, Tan?”  Her dark eyes implored him.  “Tell me.”
He raised the glass, his throat tight with terror.  “Make me young again, Yori.  As when I started.”  He managed to find his mouth with the glass, only he was shaking so hard, half of the wine sloshed down his body.  He dropped the glass.
“Oh, Tan, I’ll make you young again.  Take away all your pain.”  She dropped wet-eyed to her knees and kissed the wine from his belly, licking him dry.  Gradually she worked lower and despite the way he was shaking, he felt himself respond.  Respond as he always did with her.  He closed his eyes as she clasped him in a frenzy, hearing her words muffled by his flesh.  “I’ll make you new again, Tan.  Take away all your pain.”  She rose and led him to bed, where he knew she would bring him love and warmth but no youth or Lethe of forgetfulness.  All he knew was for this moment, he must try to find them.

You can find out more about author John B. Rosenman by clicking the link to his website.

John B. Rosenman’s website:


  1. Welcome John! Inspector of the Cross sounds like it will be a great SF story. Did you enjoy building the world and characters for your book?

  2. Just jumping quickly here...I'm lucky enough to be one of John's editors and in all honesty...I love this man's writings. He never disappoints.

    I enjoyed Turtan the first time I met him, but seriously in book two I learned how much I want to revisit with him. And, not to spoil, but I did yell at John during book two's edits...I can't believe he did that!

  3. Yes, I did, Jenna. One of the things I enjoyed most was the strong male bonding between Turtan and Turois, who are enemies, one human and one alien. And, I'm afraid Chris hasn't forgiven me for what I did in Book 2. it's love-hate, isn't it, Chris? Gosh, she's a great editor, even though she wields a sharp axe on my prose. I shudder what she'll do to Book 3 if it's accepted.

  4. BTW, Jenna, thanks for hosting me. You've got a great site.

  5. Thanks John. I'm glad you were able to visit.