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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jane Wakely spotlights her paranormal shifter romance JENN'S WOLF

Please join me in welcoming author Jane Wakely. She's here to spotlight her Paranormal Shifter Romance, Jenn's Wolf, published by Rebel Ink Press. 

Thanks Jane for sharing a blurb and excerpt of your book. It was refreshing to read about a hero who is looking forward to finding the right woman not to mention going on a blind date!


Jenn’s Wolf by Jane Wakely


Jenn is used to being overlooked by men. She’s short, slim, shy and her past keeps her guarded against others—especially men. It also gets her labeled as having a “good personality.” When she sees Matt for the first time, she realizes he’s the first man she’s willing to take a chance on.

Matt is a wolf shifter worried that he’ll never find his mate. Without a mate, a shifter’s life is incredibly drawn-out and lonely. Willing to try anything, he agrees to a blind date with Jenn and is stunned to find out she’s the one.

A misunderstanding interrupts their first night together and leaves them both miserable. After determining she may have overreacted, Jenn apologizes and they agree to start over. When Matt tells her about his wolf, she has to decide whether to trust her heart or run from the only man she’s ever wanted.


“Okay, Matt, you have to kiss the next girl that walks by.” His friend’s comment pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Huh?” He hadn’t been listening. They wanted him to kiss someone, but why? He didn’t go around kissing women he didn’t know.

“You lose so you have to kiss the next girl that walks by.”

“How did I lose?”

“You didn’t yell ‘not it’ like the rest of us.” They all broke out in laughter again. Oh geez, he needed to get home. Matt looked around and saw a hot blonde walking toward him. She was tall and cute. He could definitely kiss her. What if she was the one? He didn’t want to miss an opportunity, especially since he’d just been thinking about a lonely death.

He turned to face her right before she passed him.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked.

“Sure, handsome.” Her smile was genuine.

Matt stepped forward, wrapped his hands around her waist and gently touched his lips to hers. His friends were unusually silent—probably surprised he actually did it. The girl placed her hands on his shoulders and he licked her lips before sliding his tongue inside her mouth. It was a bold move, but he decided if he was stupid enough to kiss her, he might as well do a thorough job. She didn’t protest and even kissed him back.

It was nice, but the kiss did nothing for him and he broke away quickly.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Anytime, handsome.” She smiled at him again and walked toward the bar.

He smiled and tried not to lose hope. He had a blind date tomorrow night.  While he doubted she’d be the one, he hoped they’d find something to talk about over dinner.

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Thank you so much, Jenna, for featuring my book today! :)


  1. The post looks great, Jenna! Thanx again for having me! :)

  2. I'm happy to have you here. Do you write mostly paranormal? Shifter?

  3. Yes, I mostly write paranormal with a heavy focus on shifters, but I also love vamps! Most of my other stories are contemporary, though I enjoy writing fantasy too! :)